Versioning Improvements in APEX5

If you’ve browsed my blog before you’ll know I had grave concerns about the APEX export process mangling my code and impacting my version control (just in the exported format, that’s what you can manage with svn or git)

So, I’m currently attending KScope14 and taking some time to explore exports with APEX5.0EA has been a very rewarding experience!

5.0 wraps your code in wwv_flow_t_varchar2 which accepts an array of varchar2s — but each line is intelligently split on the newlines as provided in your code.

Example 5EA App export In Editor

Example 5EA App export In Editor

Presumably, there must be a limit to the line length, but with a hasty experiment I’ve verified that it’s a fairly generous 250 characters.  In the example below, I’ve inserted a line of almost 1500 asterisks and re-exported my file.

Same export, but with massively long line added

Same export, but with massively long line added

So, for anyone interested in version control of APEX apps, this is a great step.  One line can no longer interfere with the exported format of subsequent lines, which will drastically reduce false positives in diffs, and make for at least one more sane developer.

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One comment on “Versioning Improvements in APEX5
  1. Steve Maxwell says:

    One more great reason to look forward to version 5. Nice work.

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