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Versioning Improvements in APEX5

If you’ve browsed my blog before you’ll know I had grave concerns about the APEX export process mangling my code and impacting my version control (just in the exported format, that’s what you can manage with svn or git) So, I’m currently

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Long Code Blocks in Exports

A while back, I posted optimistically that I’d have some suggestion for handling long code blocks in APEX application exports.  I’m sorry to report that I haven’t come up with a solution, but I’ll try to present the problem clearly

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Unique Constraint Violations On Import

Cleaning up your application before attempting to use version control is definitely a good idea! As we were getting everything setup, we started having Unique Constraint Violations during import (running $base/install.sql with SQL*Plus).  After some investigating it became clear that

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Automating APEX Export for SVN

The Problem with Manual Exports A traditional manual export of an APEX application performed through the Application Builder isn’t arduous but it can be a bit of a hassle when it comes to tying into your version control system.  For me

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Starting up Version Control

Background After we finally decommissioned our old employee records system, it took a while to get the team up and running on subversion (svn).  I think its clear that source control is very important for any development process, but I

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First Post!

A while back I had a performance development meeting with my immediate supervisor, and we agreed that it might be a good thing if I spent some time creating and maintaining a blog.  I argued that it would provide added

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